Halloween cometh and go…

and people were busy trying to one-up each other with their best’est scary stories. To me, this whole thing about ghosts continues to makes no sense. I wish it did; it seems like jolly fun. The scariest part about death is this whole deal with ceasing to exist. But if you believe in ghosts, how scary can death be? You die, and still continue to exist AND get übercool powers. Does that scary me? Hell no!
so my best’est halloween story would go something like…
One midnight, I happened to pass through this graveyard and I saw no ghosts. Boo!
Now that’s scary.


5 responses to “Halloween cometh and go…

  1. i am not a ghost. wait till i see you tomorrow.

  2. Ho Ho Ho! Look who is here!!

  3. shudup. u r just scared kitty :)

  4. ^
    you wish!

  5. I m on Any blog.
    The real ghost.

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