Garib Rath? wtf!

Would a company ever brand its products, that are targeted at the lower income segment of the market, explicitly as ‘product for the poor’? For instance, would Maruthi-800 ever be rechristened as the garibi car, or would the jingle for Parle-G ever go, garib ka biscuit? No, and for good reason. Nobody likes to be called poor. Poverty is not in fashion, it never was, and never will be. And no entrepreneur would have the audacity or the disconnect from people to indulge in such a horrible exercise of branding; for that you need the government. Garib Rath, the brand new air-conditioned gimick of state subsidies, will subsidize the journey of the exact same people who pay for the subsidies, and then call them garib. Brilliant!


One response to “Garib Rath? wtf!

  1. On similar lines, I have always wondered why political entities call themselves “party of the poor” or “party of the minority”. (One apparently is an exception – “Bahujan” samaj party). I think it is because of the poverty of thought and a minority mentality. But whatever, well put man.

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