There are those days where you know you’ve crossed a landmark, some small, some big, but mostly small. Yesterday was one such day for me. I actually tolerated a village idiot. Tolerate, not as in throw the nearest throw-ble object at him but spare him further attack, not even as in do the mock laugh routine and exit scene. Tolerate, as in sit through the damn thing, pretending there might actually be a possibility that the reeled off nonsense could be true. Here is roughly how it went:

Typical Desi village Idiot: I love dictatorship. I like Hitler. I don’t believe Hitler was bad, he only killed the Jews because they were supplying weapons to Britain.
Me: Oh Ok. I really have no idea.
Typical Desi village Idiot: If Hitler wasn’t correct or good, why would every German family pledge two sons to the Nazi army?
Me: Every German family had two sons? Must be like Punjab, with such a screwed up sex ratio.
Typical Desi village Idiot: Don’t joke dude. I’m telling you because you didn’t know.
Me: *very meekly* Ok.

I actually said Ok, as opposed to making an attempt, in vain of course, to present facts. I checked if my missing wisdom tooth had been shamed into arriving. No wisdom tooth yet, but Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls, the improved and wiser me has arrived. I now know, actually know, better than to argue with idiots. They already rule the world and that is all the privilege that I’m willing to grant them.


One response to “Me?

  1. Right said. This will be reported in 10 newspapers, and then it is cited, quoted and gets into the text books and the next thing you know- we have a whole generation of village idiots, only now we call them educated.

    No. Definitely not taking dig at anyone…. Ok who am I kidding? ;)

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