Of stupid tree marrying bahus (STMB)

In a move that could potentially criminalize the very existence of half of humanity, a litigation was filed in the Patna high court against our garden variety “domesticatedbahu, Aishwarya Rai, on grounds that she is unbearably stupid. Apparently, her being stupid sets a bad example for the otherwise intelligent “common man” (TM). All of this of course rests on the contention that Aishwarya’s decision to marry, among other things, a peepul and a banana tree is indeed stupid. This might just prove difficult to establish, given that her options in the more recent past, have been limited the likes of Salman Khan. But the wily lawyer seems to have a clincher, she claims that the wedlock with trees is in clear violation of “fundamental human rights”. Indeed!


One response to “Of stupid tree marrying bahus (STMB)

  1. LOL! I have always wanted stupidity (the other kind of, not the one that I adhere to) be declared a crime.

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