A slipping dollar dents the only export I ever made. Myself. Thank you, world. On the brighter side, 1 dollar still buys me more opportunity than 49 rupees would. I realise that also means a higher opportunity cost for a wasted life. But what the heck, that is for another day to whine about.


4 responses to “Why?

  1. To sum it up, the opportunity cost (of the wasted life) is lowered. I still dont see how it is a dent. If anything, it is an opportunity *100W bulb-(connected to a working AC electric source)- like look on face* , an opportunity to self-justify that you have wasted a life less valuable. Then go to a pub and normalize all the things so you can start cribbing afresh the next day. And remember, I am not taking hospitalization costs into account. Dont get dehydrated.

    Golden words overheard from a drunk man in a shady club in San Francisco: Drink as much as you want to but make sure you can figure out a gay man from a lesbian.

  2. or a straight chick :|

  3. What is a straight chick? One that hasnt tried? [;)]

  4. Depends on the type of trying or not trying :/

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