Exactly one hour into 2008, I came across my first ever royal flush hand in poker. Spades at that. That too at Texas hold ’em. Now, this is what I call an entrance, beating the odds of 1:2.5 million; with a bottle of moonshine in hand. Yay!

Happy New Year, everyone. Have a great time.


3 responses to “2008

  1. Lucky you!

  2. Someone just told me that I’ll have to wait for a very long time till I get my next royal hand, just so that the stats can even out. I would think so too. Strange thing, this statistics.

  3. Ok. Here, calculate the odds of this: $700 pot. I have a ace high straight. My opponent has a royal flush. I lose ~300 in one hand. No beer for the next 3 weeks. :(

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