Funny how the brain works (agreed that the “works” part is arguable, but nevertheless). I came across this cornershop tune on youtube and it brought back the 90s rushing. Not too far back, yet so distant. The cricket, the post match analysis, the constant name calling and bakra-fying, the hang out wall, the chick watching, the gang, the lunch break raids, the secret trips to the video store, the rite of passage trip to the secret lake[1], the prank calls, the brand new internet, the fooling around on yahoo, the not so brilliant strategy of pencil dropping, the dumbass plans for future and how each of us thought we were the next big thing.

I’ve been told I should have taken life more seriously back then. Many did and the gang did thin. But I guess at some level I’ve always known better. Year after year of having it made; best days of my life. The reminder of my life so far has been a constant attempt to one-up the era gone by. Tough call, but what is one to do but to try.

[1] – The now not so secret lake in Hyderabad. Used to be where all the lucky ones made out and all the idiots hung out. Somewhere around the time a certain idiot left for college, the moral police opened up a watch post there effectively ruining it for all before converting the whole place into a damn laking spot.


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