Spaced Repetition

I came across a very interesting article on cognitive psychology. Needless to say, I have to try. Not my first behavior experiment on myself, this. I have in the past experimented with polyphasic sleep but that didn’t work out too well and I felt that the effort to keep up with the sleep schedule, which was becoming impossible anyway, was hardly worth the tiny incremental benefit of a few extra hours. But this one seems more doable.

First, I’ll need to get my hand on SuperMemo (the latest version, I’ll say no more :/). Then, I am going to try and store a fairly large collection of useful equations in my head. That way I can quit on the annoying habit of putting problems in the back burner just because I have to look up the right equations (huge effort, I swear!). It would be nice to have that stuff at my instantaneous disposal for a change.

Ideally, I’ll should be able to analyze and log my results. And hopefully, it’ll be good.


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