Memristors are all the talk of the day. Really, really, really neat! I have, at one point, worked on the possibility of fabricating a nano-wire, if I can call it that, which is based on a similar operating principle. Used valence mending to manipulate the resistance on silicon (001) surface. Okay, this is way more brilliant, and I can’t really compare just because of the valency based resistance trick, which is fairly old, but I will! Fully aware of the risk that I might have to poke my brain out with a Q-Tip :P. I can’t even begin to explain the excitement of seeing something so familiar on Nature. Something I understand; a breakthrough. Woohoo! That’s a first!

And HP, I take back everything I said when you messed up my laptop and screwed my life for a month. I wuv you again :D


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