On Coercion

Foreign reports in the New York Times could as well be works of fiction, but I found a couple of recent articles to be interesting nonetheless. [1], [2]. Interesting in a very dark sense. I am trying to figure, how the system got to the point where it is and how it manages to operate against such obvious motivations. With a carrot and stick of reputation it is claimed. How lame can that be? Seriously! There has to be something more tangible than that at work; which, I am sure, will never show up on the pages of the New York Times, ever.

(This post was brought back from the dead after WordPress ate the original one, when I changed the theme.)


One response to “On Coercion

  1. Prakash (K-boy)

    The separation between the sexes in Saudi Arabia is so extreme that it is difficult to overstate.
    Damn ’em Sauds. Times tried its best to exaggerate but I guess Sauds beat them every damn time. Hmm, Saud reminds me of Rahul Mehta. God, am I a pervert or what?

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