Guitar Idol

Generally awesome entries here. But let me quickly add that *some* top rated entries are crap. I have been following Ozielzinho, on youtube, for over an year now, and I am glad that he is somewhere in the top. Still not as high as I would have hoped him to be. I am sort of disappointed that some people I listen to on youtube haven’t taken part (or maybe I can’t find them). As is to be expected, plenty of shredders out there. Some brilliant, some not so. Very little acoustic going around; I think she is okay-ish. Some pretty impressive young kids in the run. All in all, they’ve got something good going.

Very tough to decide whom to vote for, but I did vote for Ozielzinho. It was nice knowing that even if I my choice was off, the format limits the damage I can do. Only one of the twelve final slots is selected by general voting and the rest are chosen by judges. Neat! And did I mention, the winner gets to play with Joe Satriani!


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