Scope of Collectivism

I find it strange that we should expect a government, formed on steady faith in the law of averages, to be anything above average. People are always looking for a workaround to this logical certainty, but that is impossible. Which is why it is important to restrict the scope of the government to the barest of minimum; because over the long run, its performance will always be several standard deviations lower than what would otherwise be achievable.

IMHO, the government we elect, in its current size and scope, is a virtual guarantee to a mediocre society.


2 responses to “Scope of Collectivism

  1. Prakash (K-boy)

    Steady faith in law of averages? 10% of the representatives (who collectively garnered <10% of total votes polled) control our Government and Opposition. And they are the supposed Intellectuals!! Atleast one MP from Amethi is Cambridge educated- oh wait that wa someone with a similar name – some Raul Vinci… whatever. You get the point.

    Thought I’ll do some canvassing myself:

  2. Agreed that coalition governments are not exactly the simple average of voter choices. Instead you have minority special interests trying to woo their core vote block and in the process, imposing minority choices on the majority of us. Which might just be the perfect formula for getting most of the country pissed AND under-performing at the same time. *feeble yay*

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