Watch Your Favorite Person

Got this in the mail today. Well, it turns out that there is after all a way for me to justify watching Alizée’s videos.

In the present study, we demonstrated associations among these systems by simultaneously recording brain, endocrine, and immune activities when positive emotions were evoked in participants as they watched films featuring their favorite persons.

Interestingly, the activity of peripheral circulating natural killer cells and the peripheral dopamine level were elevated while participants experienced positive emotions, and these values were positively correlated.

By the way, favorite person is somehow supposed to mean whoever you think is the prettiest. All the “favorite persons” in the study were famous actresses. None of the films were sexually suggestive, but it turns out that including the voice of the favorite person in the film is pretty important. What I found the most amusing was that the control group was shown a newsreel featuring the Japanese equivalent of Barkha Dutt; agreeably the gold standard for boring.

Now if you will excuse me, I have to go boost my immune system.


One response to “Watch Your Favorite Person

  1. The first thought that came to my mind was that of Rani Mukherjee. And then she opened her mouth….

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