All men to ever break the 10 second barrier in 100 meters sprint, have been black. All. No other race, ever. Not an original observation, this, but nevertheless, interesting enough to regurgitate.

And I happened to come across a very interesting theory about the Jamaican domination. (From the raddiwala, again. I found and bookmarked the link from a blog, which I can’t seem to locate now.)

As an aside, Tyson Gay, practices next door. *gloat*. Well, okay, it used to be next door, before I graduated. Almost next door. I’ve moved from that city since. Anyway, I’ve used the same track, at my university, which he now uses to practice. *double gloat*. He made a wind aided 9.68 second, 100 meters dash recently. The fastest 100 meters sprint ever, in any condition.

Good luck for the Beijing Olympics, Tyson. I will be rooting for you.


2 responses to “Observation

  1. Would that qualify as racism :P

  2. Like Seinfeld says; if I like their race, how can that be racist? :P

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