Overheard at Starbucks

Some random teenager: I am never going steady. I don’t even like watching the same porn twice.

The thus unanswered conundrum; why does anybody? Not to sideline the observation, that if people did watch the same porn more than once, enormous amount of bandwidth would suddenly free up.

In other news, I recently realized that I have a HUGE blogline subscription list and that I need to cut down on it heavily. Seems like it’s easier to add, than to remove. The addiction to completely useless information. Yikes!

In yet other news, someone please ask NYT to stop buying fiction from the AP. They should be proud of their own line of fiction writers.


4 responses to “Overheard at Starbucks

  1. Maccha,
    What is it with kaapi and thoughts and realizations? I mean, Almost all of my moments in life have been when kaapi was in me.

    Have you seen a movie called fight club? I have no idea what made me think of that movie when reading your blog.

  2. There should a religion centering around kaapi!

    Fight club? I am as consumerist as they get :P

    But I love this scene.

  3. Definitely. We can wage Jihad on the non-believers. Starbucks’ manual will be our holy page.

    Yes, I know, I am losing it.

  4. Have to say this: It is SOOO hard to find a starbucks in SaltLake City. The non-believers are the mormons. This will perhaps be the only religion where mormons are branded as non-believers. How conservative are we?

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