100 m

A new 100 m record was expected, but this blows everything away. Usain Bolt pulled a 9.69 seconds and it wasn’t even a close finish. Like the commentator said, “how can you talk about the people who were second and third when you’ve seen something like that.” That is almost cruel, but still, seriously, you can’t talk of anyone else after you’ve seen that. You just know history is being made when someone starts celebrating and slows down by around 70 m. I would kill to guess the time he could have set if he had given it his all. Marc Burns says 9.55 seconds, Ato Bolden on NBC thought 9.59 seconds, but I guess it’s only a matter of time before Bolt lets us know. Sadly, Tyson Gay didn’t even qualify for the finals.

Postscript: This is precisely why runners like Prefontaine will be missed. It wasn’t so much about winning the race, than it was about giving it your best. Call me old fashioned, but Bolt’s attitude was slightly disappointing; but then when you can put up a show like that, I guess you get to call the shots.


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