The answer?

Operation Wrath of God.

“The aim was not so much revenge but mainly to make them [the militant Palestinians] frightened. We wanted to make them look over their shoulders and feel that we are upon them. And therefore we tried not to do things by just shooting a guy in the street – that’s easy … fairly.”

I am not a big fan of the name but they could have been on to something here, in terms of creating a fair deterrent. Still too weak, maybe, but realistically, there is no strong deterrent. Perhaps it just seems good considering the dismal range of options at hand; among which, the stupidest would be the one involving  large scale mobilization of troops to the border. Which is also why it is the most likely choice. One can only hope that this time it will be different.


3 responses to “The answer?

  1. A less stupid idea would be to continue being civil in public and persevere with patience at the redrawing of their map. Some money/resources to the Baloch and an equal lot of the same to the Sindh should get us started. The Frontier doesn’t need our help, we can help the situation there by frustrating the Taliban in Afghanistan by sending some of our forces there.

    The idea I think is to follow President Bush: fight them, but in their land. Same applies here, Pakistan wants action– let them have it, right at home.

  2. I wouldn’t be so excited about their map being redrawn. Groups like the LeT generate revenue, and operate, by and large, independent of the Pakistani State (or this is my understanding, which might admittedly be wrong; correct me if I am wrong). So dissolution of the state would not necessarily mean dissolution of these groups. Instead of having to deal with one failed state, India would then have to deal with several of them. And oh, lets throw some nukes into this mess.

    Without long term military commitment, something that not so easily forthcoming, Afghanistan is just waiting to fall back into the Taliban’s hands. Given the poor performance of the NATO troops, with their obviously superior resources, I seriously doubt India’s ability to cause any frustration to the Taliban.

  3. “Divide & Rule” has never failed. I doubt if it will fail here. Bangladesh is an exception, as it is physically seperated from Pakistan, and sadly shares its entire land border with us.

    Your points about the consequences of a failed Pak will see the rest of the world sharing our concern, unlike the present scenario, where our interests conflict with that of the NATO. And, we won’t have to bother about words like “sovereignty.”

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