Lucky Ali

Perhaps no other music is as intertwined with my childhood as Lucky Ali’s. I don’t know what it was; his voice, that middle-east instrument I can’t put a name on, or those awesomely deep lyrics. He was my favorite for such a long time, looking back now, I can’t remember when that ceased to be. I don’t listen to him nearly as often now, and frankly, I am not a big fan of his later albums (fourth on, I think). Occasionally though, I look up his songs up on youtube, and it was a nice surprise seeing that he replies to some videos posted and that he has his own channel. It’s a nice warm feeling having your childhood favorites around. Good times!


2 responses to “Lucky Ali

  1. Dude, are you that young? How else can you associate Lucky Ali with your childhood and I with my teenages? Regardless, I used to like him too a lot. More so for his voice than anything else. But he started sounding similar in all his songs after a while, so I stopped listening to him. But sunoh was a gem :)

  2. My, my. Teenage was so long ago that it is now the same as childhood. Don’t pull me up for that :P
    Sunoh was around 7th class, I think; but my memory from so long ago is blurred like I said.

    Yeah, he started sounding repetitive even from his second album on. I could tolerate the repetition, it from “Kabhi aisa lagta hai” I couldn’t take him at all. I still like his older work though.

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